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What is ambien called in the uk ? What's its active ingredient? Is it dangerous? What Canada pharmacy regulations can you expect during a night of drinking? All this and more on the latest episode of I Drink To… Free View in iTunes 27 Explicit I Drink To Get Drunk (Part 2) - An Interview with Ben Kucharski joins me to discuss the difference in how we drink when are sober versus drunk. How we think of food while are drunk vs. how we think about them when sober. How hard it can be to get a first drink. How we can … Free View in iTunes 28 Explicit I Drink To Get Drunk (Part 1) - An Interview with Mike Leach and Matt Hagen Our guests this week are Mike Leach and Matt Hagen. They are both friends of mine and we meet up in their home New Hope for part one of our interview. We explore how both arrived in the liquor store with our mugs on … Free View in iTunes By Alexey Sukachev and Andrew Osantyk BRUSSELS/ATHENS (Reuters) - Euro zone governments must online pharmacy oxycodone with prescription do more to tackle a mounting crisis in the labor market, European Commission said on Wednesday, recommending steps to address worker shortages and wage inflation on a par with rising inflation. A labor shortage is growing problem across the euro zone, where a shortage of workers has prompted layoffs and wage cuts as employers look for cheaper alternatives from abroad. The commission's annual report on labor market said EU governments must work fast to Ambien sleeping tablets uk address the problem while euro zone economy was still growing. "The EU's policy response has not been able to match the magnitude and speed of impact the crisis on unemployment and living standards," EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said. "The task is great and very complex. The commission's recommendations, therefore, contain not only common recommendations but also individual-specific that governments should implement as well," Kroes said, noting that the labor market was EU's biggest single risk for growth. The report calls on Ambien 5mg 180 pills US$ 530.00 US$ 2.94 governments to create a new employment protection agency and a new mechanism for monitoring wage inflation and labour mobility. It also recommends more money be invested in training, better job security and other reforms to tackle the challenges facing workers in euro zone. Many of the recommendations were adopted earlier and will take effect in April 2016, the commission said, adding that governments may need to consult in the coming months on proposals that may change. But the recommendations on wages will be toughest to implement. The commission said it would require reforms to raise women's participation in the labor market from 15.7 percent to 21.5 by 2020 compared men's participation at 15.6 percent. The EU's total workforce fell by 1.1 million to a record per inhabitants in the first quarter of 2015 in response to the worst crisis for decades. The labour force participation rate for 18-24-year-olds was just over 47 percent, the lowest since European Union, from 1985, in the last quarter of 2008, according to national statistics agency Eurostat. The unemployment rate for EU's most vulnerable is a record 11 percent, while youth unemployment in the EU fell to 21.9 percent for 18-24-year-olds or more than 16 million for the entire year, from 20.4 percent in 2012 and 23.2 2007, Eurostat said. Some EU states like Bulgaria and Romania must urgently reform their labour markets further to raise demand and prevent the unemployment rate from rising further, the commission said. A commission spokeswoman said draft executive report would be available in the coming.
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